Our Classes

In Happy Tree House Daycare, there are two main classes, Strawbaby and Avokiddo Class. 

Strawbaby Class

 Strawbaby Class is designated for baby starting from 3 months until walking age. In this class, we provide skillful caregiver especially to support breastfeeding mother and breastfeed child. Each baby will be taken care according to their special needs. 

The following schedule shows typical daily routines for Strawbaby Class. However, individual schedule for baby will be adjusted according to their needs of feeding, diaper changing and napping time. 

Schedule Strawbaby Class
Strawbaby Class Schedule for Illustration


Avokiddo Class

 Avokiddo Class is designated for walking toddlers up to 4-5 years old. Each class is well designed to allow them develop based on their milestone. In this class, toddlers are trained for potty training, independence, self feeding, and other necessary abilities required for them in preparing for kindergarten / preschool enrollment. Vocabularies are extensively introduced through fun play and learning programs. Good exemplary  behavior e.g sharing with others, learn to queue, showing affection, understand the meaning of 3 magic words “please, thank you and sorry” and other good behaviors are also introduced in this class.

The following schedule shows typical daily routines for Avokiddo Class. Toddlers are learning to have more discipline schedule of taking bath, taking meals and also napping time.  

Avokiddo Schedule
Avokiddo Class Schedule for Illustration

Different monthly program and stimulation will be given in each class by Our trained teachers and caregivers. Each day, every child will be given a fully written daily report consist of his/her activities, meals and fluids taken, medicine/vitamin taken, potty/diapers change, and other important notes. 

Apart from the above mention information, our services includes:

  • Sun bathing and Morning Bath 
  • Weekly Nail Checking and Trimming
  • Swimming Day
  • Weight Measurement
  • Vaccination Monitoring
  • Circle Time and Tummy Time
  • Story Telling Time
  • Field Trip



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